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About Our Company

DAI is the leader in customized protective relays, RTU (Remote Control Unit) and communication systems for low voltage interconnections of Distributed Generation Systems.

• Fast & reliable
• Designs coordinated with utility & switchgear manufacturer
• Delivery in as little as 4 weeks from receipt of order.*
• Competitively priced

*Delivery schedule dependent upon specific equipment choices and customer and utility relay design approval times.

About Us

Our Specialties

Day Ahead Instrumentations specializes in integration of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) instruments:

• Protective relays: SEL 700G, 751, 751A, 351, 651R
• RTUs: SEL 3530 RTAC
• Communication systems (Radio transceivers /Remote I/O module/Fiber optics): SEL 3031, SEL 2505, SEL- 2800M, SEL-9322, SEL-2812MRX0

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Expert solutions to meet utility protection requirements

Compact, turnkey solutions to fit in existing electric rooms and switchgear. Power system integration with relay/comms hardware design. Programming available from DAI’s strategic partner, NEO Virtus Engineering. Together DAI and NEO Virtus can provide one-stop-shopping for power measurements, protection and control integration, with full utility compliance.

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27 – Undervoltage relay 27P - Phase Undervoltage 32 - Directional Power Relay 32L - Low Forward Power 32N - Wattmetric Zero-Sequence Directional 32P - Directional Power 32R - Reverse Power 50 - Instantaneous Overcurrent Relay 50BF - Breaker Failure 50G - Ground Instantaneous Overcurrent 50IG - Isolated Ground Instantaneous Overcurrent 50LR - Acceleration Time 50N - Neutral Instantaneous Overcurrent 50Q - Negative Sequence 51 - AC Time Overcurrent Relay 51 – Overload 51G - Ground Time Overcurrent 51LR - AC inverse time overcurrent (locked rotor) protection relay 51N - Neutral Time Overcurrent 51P - Phase Time Overcurrent 51V - Voltage Restrained Time Overcurrent 51Q - Negative Sequence Time Overcurrent 52 – AC circuit breaker 52a - AC circuit breaker position (contact open when circuit breaker open) 52b - AC circuit breaker position (contact closed when circuit breaker open) 59 - Overvoltage Relay 59B - Bank Phase Overvoltage 59N - Neutral Overvoltage 59NU - Neutral Voltage Unbalance 59P - Phase Overvoltage 59P - Phase Overvoltage 81 - Frequency Relay 81O - Over Frequency 81R - Rate-of-Change Frequency 81U - Under Frequency custom sensing ANSI device numbers ANSI functions automation Current transformer Directional power Direct transfer trip DTT hardware design and integration Instantaneous Overcurrent Potential transformer Protection relay Protective relay PT Redundant relay remote terminal unit CT RTAC RTU switchboard turnkey solutions for system design Switchgear Voltage transformer VT