Each protection relay is custom designed for its application and specific utility hardware requirement. Fully compliant protective relays can be delivered in as little thirty days, ready to install, out of the box*. Day Ahead relay assemblies can be sold either programmed or un-programmed.

Day Ahead strategic partner Neo Virtus Engineering can work with your engineering team to provide a relay integration design –integration with CTs, PTs, aux contacts, communications and interrupting device– and program to meet your utility’s requirements.

*Delivery schedule is dependent upon specific equipment choices and upon customer and utility relay design submittal approval times.

Strategic Partner NEO Virtus Engineering provides professional electrical engineering services throughout the New England states, New York, New Jersey and California. Services include:
• PV system design –Utility scale and Commercial & Industrial Interconnection applications
• System Commissioning
• Arc-flash, coordination and thermal studies
• Relay programming and witness testing
NEO specializes in protection engineering in the following areas:
• Protective relays/RTU, e.g. SEL relays, SEL 3530 RTAC, NovaTech Orion RTU, for DNP, Modbus RTU / Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet, Serial, Mirrored-Bit, IEC 61850, etc.
• Radio communication site survey and path study. Design wireless P2P and P2MP radio communication. Program radio transceivers /Remote I/O module, e.g. SEL-3031, SEL 2505, etc.
• Industrial routers, e.g. Belden GarrettCom DX940 router, for MPLS line (DDS and T1/E1) communication between the utility EMS and RTU.

Experience the Reliability

In Day Ahead Instrumentation’s 12-year history, due to our reliance on industry leading Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories instruments, we have never had a significant hardware failure.