Rotating Shadowband Radiometer

DAI is a value-added reseller of the Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (RSR3). The RSR3 is the most cost- effective and reliable means to determine global horizontal, direct normal and diffuse sunlight for solar power applications.

Specialty Irradiance Weather Stations

Day Ahead Instrumentation (DAI) uses ISO 9060 Class A instruments as standard offerings in our albedometer weather stations. Wind speed and direction, air pressure, air temperature, and relative humidity sensors are easily included.


Portable Data Acquisition Systems

DAI offers portable data acquisition systems capable of achieving a high accuracy irradiance and temperature data measurements. The DAI portable logger is fully integrated, autonomous, with cellular data retrieval and PV powered, capable of being deployed for a single day or for months at a time.

Custom Data Monitoring Systems

DAI designs and builds custom data acquisition systems for sensing, logging and telemetry that seamlessly integrate into a host site SCADA system. DAI built such a network of 71 autonomous solar monitoring devices for SMUD’s 900 square mile service territory.