Day Ahead Instrumentation provided five custom protection control cabinets to satisfy utility protection/control and customer requirements including:

  • 2 x SEL-751A relays,
  • 1 x Basler 59N Ground Fault relay,
  • 5 x SEL 3031 900Mhz radios with repeater station including Omni and Yagi antennas
  • 2 x DGH D6710 Modbus RTU Digital I/O interfacing module
  • 2 x Utility Direct Transfer (DTT) signal interfaces
  • 900Mhz wireless radio, serial fiber (SEL 2812 serial-fiber conversion) and Modbus RS485 communication interface to two Direct Transfer Trip (DTT) utility control signaling. This wireless relay configuration avoided 6800 feet of trench and conduit across the customer’s finished campus. [Eversource (CL&P), CT]